Random Avenue at Belleville Lounge

In Arts and Entertainment on November 16, 2009 at 4:14 pm

By Yves Gables

This past Saturday night saw another performance by the sometimes duo Random Avenue. They have a penchant for adding personel based on the show’s requirements, and perhaps their other band members availability. This is neither a concern, nor a distraction. The group’s core, Grant on Vocals/Guitar, and Kelcie on Vocals/Uke, share delicate and balanced harmonies that are rich enough to carry even the simplest of instrumentation, but also blend well into the larger ensemble.
Ko plays Bass and Jeff plays Drums, or an assortment of percussion suitable for the venue. This Saturday’s show saw the addition of Michael on Fiddle, and it made for a full and thoughtful acoustic sound.

With this hint of Appalacia, the group’s songwriting (provided primarily by Grant) gained a deeper sense of place and gave a broader timbre to the material. A few covers scattered througout the set were well chosen, and made for good show pieces for the group’s sound. One of the highlights of the evening was a short quiet song, beautifully sung by Kelcie accompanying herself on the Ukelele. There is a tenderness that can only come from a simple song, sung to the strains of such a gentle and unassuming instrument. The words sounded sad, but underneath the ennui was a sure sense of self, and determined perseverance.


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